Terms & Conditions

You must abide by these terms and conditions when using and making purchases from grizify.com, which is owned and run by Grizify LLC. You and the business also enter into a contract because of this. You have accepted the terms and conditions by using grizify.com or making a transaction there.
Please make sure you have read and comprehended every one of these terms before using the website or making a purchase.

Information about a person

We will save some of your personal information when you shop on the grizify.com website in order to complete your order. All personal data is handled in complete confidence by our business. Please get in touch with our business if you’d want access to all of your personal information so that it can be updated or deleted. Please be aware that our website utilizes cookies to enhance your user experience.

Acknowledgment of Purchase

Grizify will issue your email address an electronic invoice to confirm your purchase once it has received your order. For order confirmation, it is crucial that you use the proper email address when placing your order. Having access to your email address will make it easier for you to contact our customer care in the future. The order confirmation also acts as your receipt for the transaction.

Purchases are paid for

You have the option of using PayPal or your credit or debit card to pay for your purchases. Any credit card information entered by the user is not saved by Grizify. You can be sure that your card information will be sent securely over the Internet when you pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
We guarantee that your payment will be sent using stringent banking regulations and safe encryption. Your card information is sent straight to the bank, and only your bank can read or access it. Grizify does not impose additional fees when you pay with a credit card. However, the bank could charge you an additional cost based on the vehicle and bank you use. Keep in mind that the minute the payment was approved using your card, the starting conditions became applicable. In the event that payment is not received after a specified amount of time, our bank has the right to cancel your order.


Based on the relevant legislation, Value Added Tax is included in all of the prices you see on the website.
Please keep in mind that there may be taxes and import duties associated with shipping your order to an address outside of the US, which Customs will collect when it arrives at the destination. The payment of these taxes and import charges is your obligation. Since different countries have different import rules and charges, Grizify has no influence over the taxes and tariffs. Therefore, we are unable to estimate what they will charge. It will be your obligation to be aware of and pay for these fees. It is advised that you speak with the neighborhood customs office about this.


Grizify is likely to notify the appropriate authorities in cases where orders are placed in another person’s name without that person’s permission. The business has the right to modify pricing on the website, rectify any orders with wrong prices, and modify prices in final sales. We reserve the right to cancel this transaction if the price on your order proves to be wrong. Any money that has been paid will be refunded in the best way we can, less a $34.99 service charge. In the event that a product is discontinued, Grizify reserves the right to cancel the order, refund the customer’s payment, and deduct a $34.99 service fee from the total refund. If a substitute or a comparable product becomes available, UniDropstore may and will let the consumer know so they can take advantage of it.


Grizify reserves the right to change prices, including additional fees, product offers, and product details, including product images, even without prior notification. The product is as accurately represented by the information and pictures that are currently available. If there are any problems on the page, our organization retains the right to correct them. We cannot guarantee that the products accurately portray their genuine appearance. The way the photographs appear can vary depending on the computer or device being used to access the website. Additionally, since all of them should only be viewed as illustrations, we cannot guarantee the product’s accurate physical look or attributes.

Intellectual property rights

Any materials published on this website as well as all intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademarks, are owned by Grizify. Without our consent, you are not allowed to use the Grizify website or any of its material, not even for personal or non-commercial purposes.

User Content

User-generated content is available on the Grizify website for social networking applications. These user-generated contents are not the property of Grizify, and we do not accept any liability for them.
Please get in touch with our customer service if you believe that someone is using these contents in violation of any copyright or other rights.


If orders from the website are suspected of being placed in an effort at fraud and are reported to the police, Grizify has the right to cancel the order.

Regulations and Authority

The conditions and usage of this website are governed by US law. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, any dispute arising out of or related to the terms of use or a customer’s use of the website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United States. This is subject to Grizify’s right to bring legal action against any client or website user in person.


Grizify reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to delete a user’s account and bar them from using the website. For instance, Grizify may terminate a user’s account immediately if it believes that the user violated the terms of service.


These Terms of Use may be updated and modified at any moment by Grizify. As a result, if you order a product from the site, the contract between Grizify and you will be based on the terms that were in effect at the time of your purchase. In order to evaluate the current and updated terms to which you will be subject whenever you purchase, it is crucial that you frequently read this Terms of Use page.

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