Complete Back Office Shopify Store Management Services

Don’t stay behind the competition. Build your eCommerce empire with the best Shopify store management services from Grizify. 

Whether you’re running a dropshipping store, doing POD, one product store, or even selling services, management is where you stand out.

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Shopify store management services

Run A Shopify Store That Brings Fortune

You can’t imagine making a high bringer store without high-impact management in the backend. We help you do better business by eliminating bottlenecks in the system with:

Theme & Configuration

No more stressing out with sore configuration, theme, and design breakdown. With our Shopify store management services, we’ll keep things on track 24/7 for you.

SEO Audit & Usability Reporting

Keep your store optimized with SEO best practices for organic sales and branding. With our management services, we keep SEO checked and report regularly.

Product Descriptions & Content Update

We write your product descriptions, variants updates, and on-site content so that your visitors and customers are served to the fullest.

Email Marketing Management

While email marketing is crucial for organic growth, not everyone can do it right. Our dedicated email marketing team that can 10x your business.

Payment Gateway & Apps Management

If you have 3rd party Shopify apps and payment gateways to integrate and manage, we’ve got you covered with our Shopify store management services.

Product Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory to the best standards for your visitors. Let us help you do that with catalogs, tags, filters, and every other best practice.

Upsell & Cross-sell Management

As we have made sales of over 7 million over the years, we know how crucial upsell & cross sell strategies are. We’ll put our experience into your leverage, in fact!

Order & Fulfillment Solutions

No matter how intense your order scale is, don’t fret, and let us take care of it all, from order management to fulfillment solutions. You’ll have no backlogs behind.

Shipping & Checkout Configuration

Configuring shipping methods, checkout modes, and managing things from the backdoor should not be your headache while scaling a business. Let us do that.

Professional Store Management Makes All The Difference

If everything’s going south despite having a perfect store, professional store management is what you need. Here’s why you need to have a robust back-office management system in place

You Focus On Growth

If you have to focus on management full time, you can’t focus on growing your eCom business. Outsource the management hassle and you make decisions for growth.

You’ve Got Only 2 Eyes

You can’t possibly keep your eyes on dozens of things that need to be managed at the same time. What you need is, a team with expertise and experience that counts.

Strategies Matter More

We’ve built 1200+ stores so far and generated $7m+ in sales. That’s enough to know what strategies work. Do you have a strategy learned from such experience?

Get More Done With Grizify

Put your Shopify store on automation with our fully managed services. We’ve got you covered with:

Social Media Management

Good social media activity is a massive traffic source for any dropshipping or single product store. We can help you set your social media management on automation.

Custom Brand Guides

A distinct branding can set you apart from the crowd for more sales. If you don’t have one already, we’ll do custom branding that will make you look better instantly.

Product Image Editing

Do you often have to edit and upload new product images? Don’t waste precious time doing that yourself! Let our professional design team do that to bring better results!

Woman working on laptop and using calculator in the office.

We’re Your Best Shot For Store Management

If you want to get your store to the heights where you dream it to be, you need the management to be top notch. And we’re your best shot for that.

Dedicated Expert Team

We’ve got a dedicated team for each type of task, be it product description and SEO, or technical aspects like configurations and integrations, alongside a marketing team.

Backed By Numbers

We’ve built and managed more than a thousand Shopify stores and generated millions with them. We know the management practices to make it rain with your store as well.

24/7 Technical Support

Tired of getting automated not-good responses? Say hello to Grizify’s dedicated support team with all the technical knowledge and availability of 24/7, 365 days.

Get A Free Store Setup Guideline

Do you know the latest best practices for a winning Shopify store? Contact us today for a free consultancy call. We’ll give you a complete guideline for free.

See How We Do From Our Clients

Our clients have seen massive success with our Shopify Store management service. Have a look at how they’ve felt about it:

“I had a fantastic experience working with Grizify. The team was professional, responsive, and went above and beyond to meet my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality services.”

Jemma Stone



“I was blown away by the level of professionalism and quality of work provided by Grizify. They exceeded my expectations in every way and I would recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch services.”

Jemma Stone



How We Get Onboard

Once you are onboard, you can enjoy the platform’s benefits, such as connecting with other users, accessing content, or performing specific tasks.​


We Discuss Terms

The process starts by discussing the type and size of the store we’re talking about and where you need extra hands in management. Then we discuss the terms and times.

Credentials and Onboard

You send us the necessary credentials and access to your store. We’ll take things from there, set your team and project manager up, and start with the job right away!

Reporting On time

We keep backups, do audits, make reports and send everything back to you on our agreed day of every month. You’ll get a transparent report of each job every month.


Got A Question Before We Get Started?

Yes we can! If you’re just getting started with eCom business, migrating to Shopify, or want a complete redesign, we’ve got your back. With an experience of making 1200+ stores already.

Yes, we perform winning, low competition keyword research for your products, and then write descriptions that rank well on search engines and convert visitors into paying customers.

If our job includes changing any part of your store, such as updating the inventory or modifying the codes, we’ll certainly keep backups of your site to keep it safe.

We ensure all your social media accounts are up to date with the latest content and news about your products. We also create content for social media for you with elements that go viral.

Why not? We can deploy our expert team into your chat support system so your visitors and customers don’t have to look at an empty screen when they need support.

Manage Your Shopify Store Like The Big Players Do

Do you know how the big eCom businesses became big? Through high-quality management at the back of the store. 

That’s exactly what we’re offering you. Just like we do, for other big players in your field making millions in revenue.

Don’t waste time managing, spend your time planning how you can grow the business. Get a free quote from us to get started:

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Migrating to Shopify or want a fresh start with your new eCom store? We’ll do everything from store design and development to marketing and management for you.

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