Supercharge Your Pod Business With A Next Gen Shopify Store

Making the best out of your Print On Demand business has never been easier! Let a highly skilled team take your store to the next level. Grizify has been doing this for over a decade. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of POD businesses to go from pennies to millions. 

Do you dream of generating 6 figures with a print on demand store? Book a free consultation to see how we helped others to do just that!

Shopify print on demand store

We Make Shopify Print On Demand Store Seamless

You’re doing POD for a reason, and that is making good money without going through the hassle of doing business. With our Shopify POD store creation, you’re getting:

Full POD integration

We do all the POD integrations and connect all your print-on-demand service providers. No matter how wide a range of custom products you have, no worries about manufacturing or inventory management.

Scalable Design

Have plans to scale your POD business to the next level? We’ll make the store easy to scale with any amount of new items you want. Whether you're just starting or have a large customer base, we’ve got your back.

Super Easy To Use

Shopify is already a user-friendly platform, and we make it super easier for you to manage your store. You’ll get an intuitive interface, custom checkout pages, easy navigation, and an easy customer support system.

Marketing Done For You

Afraid of figuring out the right channel or your next marketing move? We offer you an end-to-end service from launching your store and managing products to marketing. All you’ve left to do is plan your growth.

See How We Do It

Do you want to see how we make big fat POD stores on Shopify as 7-figure brands? Here are a few case studies that’ll show you how

We Make Your Dream POD Store

Sure you’ve got a ton of ideas to make it rain with POD business. But you need the right professionals to create a store that stands out in the crowd. We provide you with:

Professional Design

With Grizify, you’re getting the most professional store designs that will help you stand out, even in a saturated niche.

Timely Delivery

You need to stay ahead of time for business. And we help you do just that. You’ll get your store ready just on time when needed.


Don’t think of pro design and strict TAT will cost you much! We get you high-ticket POD store from a very cost efficient budget!

24/7 Customer Support

We’ve got a technical team of support engineers who’ll help you resolve any and all kinds of issues when you need us.

Benefits Of Doing POD Business

Unlike any other eCom business, running a Print On Demand store is just as sexy as it sounds. Apart from high ROI, a POD store offers benefits like:

Very little effort

You need to put very little effort to manage the store, especially because the fulfillment isn’t your part to do. All you do is have an attractive design to sell products.

Zero Risks

As you don’t have to keep an inventory or print products yourself, there are zero risks for you to lose money in this. You’re essentially making money out of thin air.

Endless Growth

Where you don’t have to put a dime into the production, you’ve got yourself an eternal possibility of growth. You can plan for big bucks, as only the sky is your limit.

Numerous Niches

When you’re into eCom, you need to think of niches to be in. But with POD, you don’t have a physical product to deal with. You can pick any niche at any time.

Unlimited Products

Name one area where you can sell unlimited products, that would be Print on Demand, managed by your POD partner. Choose any product and start selling!

We’ll Integrate Your POD Partners

We’ll integrate any POD partner you may be working with on your store. You just name it, we’ll integrate it for you. The most common POD partners we’ve worked with before are:

The Print On Demand Store You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Create your first Shopify POD business with the industry’s best hands that have never failed.

What's Included

What do we offer with our Shopify POD store creation service? Here’s what you’re getting to make it rain with a professionally designed print on demand store:

Store Migration Or Redesign

Are you migrating from another platform to Shopify or redesigning your existing POD store? We’ll revamp your business with a professional design

Custom Branding

Our custom branding will help you stand out in the crowd, even with a common offer. Let our custom branded design make the most of your store.

Premium Theme

Only premium themes have the best kind of features. While it’s an extra cost, we’ll arrange that for you for free if you care for a serious POD business.

Fast And Mobile-friendly

Visitors are mostly from mobile and don’t stay for long if the site isn’t fast. We ensure that your store loads crazy fast, and it looks great on any device.

Legal & Product Pages

We’ll design all your product pages beautifully so you get more sales. Plus, each legal page to comply with your governments around the globe.

Secure Payment Integration

We’ll set up secure payment system with SSL, fraud protection, and PCI compliance, so you gain customer trust to build a brand that sticks around.

Integrating POD Apps

No matter how many POD apps you have on your store, we’ll integrate them all and will make it easy for you to use them to operate the store.

Channel Integration for Sales

Marketing channels integrations can be a pain in the butt if not done upfront. We’ll get that all set for you so you can focus on your business.

Facebook Pixel Integration

We’ll integrate Facebook Pixel on your site, so you can build audiences, measure, and optimize for your ad campaigns for better marketing.

Google Analytics Integration

We also integrate Google Analytics on your store, so you stay fully updated and can plan ahead towards your next Ad campaign.

Our Clients Have Seen Our Works

Don’t just fall for loads of perks we offer, see how well our previous clients are doing after taking our Shopify POD services:

Kristen Moore
Owner of DEF

"The team at this agency is incredibly talented and knowledgeable. They took the time to understand our needs and goals and developed a customized strategy that exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend their services!"


"We've worked with several agencies in the past, but this one is by far the best. Their innovative approach and creative solutions helped us stand out in a crowded market and drive impressive results. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

Joanna Foxx
Fashion Model
Felicity Trump

"Working with this agency was a game-changer for our business. They provided top-notch services and helped us achieve amazing results. We couldn't be happier with their work!"

How We Do It

Here’s how our process from on boarding to launching a POD business goes:

On board Kick start

We start with a discovery call where we get to know your niche, and other requirements.

Choosing POD App

Next, we choose the POD partner app of your choice and build the inventory to your branding.

Product Designs

We collect your product designs, upload them to the store, and make them speak themselves.

Setting Up the Store

Now we set up the entire store and other pages like checkout, navigation, and other stuff.

Launch & Optimize

Once the Shopify POD store is in place, we launch it, debug, and optimize for the better.


Anything. Such as Custom T-shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Socks, Backpacks, Cleaning products, Pet products, Engraved jewelry, posters, Jackets, Coffee products, Subscription orders, Device protectors, etc.

We’ll need all your POD designs and a few other requirements to complete the store. We’ll talk about those on our kick-off call.

Shopify has a collaboration feature that allows us to do all the jobs without your login details. We’ll request you accept a collaboration request from our account. So, you won’t have to give us your Shopify account details.

We can integrate any Print on demand partner on your POD store. Just name your platform, and we’ll happily integrate that. If you have an existing partner, talk to us, and we’ll do that for you.

Yes, sure thing! You can edit, add, or remove anything from the store at any time. You can also ask us to help you get that part done if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

Why not? We offer end-to-end Shopify store services from designing to marketing and managing. If you don’t yet have a Shopify account and starting out with POD, we’ll make it easy for you to make your first dollar from POD.

Let’s Get Your POD Store Up And Running!

You’re not alone if you think it’s too crowded to stand out and make crazy profit with POD. In fact, most people with no strategy think this way!

Fortunately for you, we’ve got a data-driven strategy that works like a charm for the Print On Demand business.

We’ll help you with store creation, integrations, marketing, and management, all from one platform! Get your custom free quote to get started!

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Migrating to Shopify or want a fresh start with your new eCom store? We’ll do everything from store design and development to marketing and management for you.

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