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Are you falling behind your audience and not getting the right exposure to build your dream eCom brand?

Reach out to all your potential customers, 10x your sales, and brand like never before with our Shopify marketing services.

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Shopify marketing services

We Do Multi Channel Shopify Marketing

With Grizify’s Shopify marketing services, you don’t have to limit yourself with a single marketing channel. Our expertise covers both organic and paid channels:

Paid Marketing

We’ve spent over $2M in FB paid campaigns alone. Managed over 35k ads on Pinterest, and countless more on Google Ads & other platforms, we’re your best bet for Shopify marketing services.

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Organic Channels

We leverage all sorts of organic marketing channels for Shopify store marketing. This consists of anything from SEO for organic traffic to influencer marketing, guest posting, and beyond.

Content Marketing

Are you into the long term game of building a brand that sticks around? We’ll help you with content marketing to establish you as the thought leader in your space or industry for good.

Social media

Social media marketing for organic growth and establishing a strong identity can be your best shot at branding. We can help you make a positive impact in the potential customers’ minds.

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Build A Brand With Organic Marketing For Shopify

We’re experts at turning Shopify stores into recognized brands with organic marketing strategies that benefit you in the long run:

Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaigns

You can get a 21% boost in sales with a recovery campaign for abandoned carts. Setting up emails, offering coupons, and applying other strategies, we do it all to bring those abandoned sales back.

Email Marketing & Automation

Keeping your existing and prospective customers hooked to you is paramount to building a brand. We set up all sorts of email campaigns, both manual and automated, to get your name on the buzz.

Organic SEO Strategies For Brand

Bring your brand’s name to the top of the search engines’ results when your customers search for a product you sell. Our SEO strategies are designed to bring you organic visitors and to be recognized as a brand.

Social Media Content

We create highly engaging social media content including posts, videos, bringing reviews, etc., to bring organic traction to your social media handles. This way, you get a ton of organic traffic to your dropshipping or POD store.

Shopify marketing services

Social Media Engagement

Engaging with your social media audience has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to get the eyes turned to you. We engage with the audience after regular and boosted posts to leverage the traffic.

Video Marketing For Shopify

Video marketing through platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo is a great way to establish your brand’s face to the people. We will use all the available platforms for both short form and long form videos to promote your products.

Get Quick Results With Paid Marketing For Shopify

If your goal is to bring in quick sales, paid marketing is your best bet. We’ve already got massive results with it and generated over $7m in sales.

Social Media Ads

Running strategic Ads on social media will bring good sales on your store. We’ve managed over 2m Facebook Ads, let alone the other channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp.


Google Ads

Run Google ads, chase and retarget your potential customers across the web to generate massive sales. We will run, manage, and track your Ads to help you grow your sales volume.


Pinterest Marketing

Managed over 35 thousand ads on Pinterest for over 1200 Shopify stores so far, we’ve got the best experience to bring on board for you. Make the best out of Pinterest to bring sales today.


Outreach & Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to not only bring great sales but also build brand loyalty across your target customers. We’ll do everything from outreach to writing and publishing.


Influencer Marketing

Do more with the new way of paid marketing with high ROI today: influencer marketing. It can be your best bet to bring crazy sales volumes if done right. And we do it the best to get results.

Get Extra Done From Less

Apart from the core marketing strategies, we also have a few proven strategies that you can use for branding at a larger scale

Loyalty & Affiliate Program

Setting up a referral program for your store can bring in a ton of extra sales that you didn’t even plan for. If you want our experts to set things up for you, we’re ready to build your next level eCom strategy.

Setup Customer Reviews

Are your customers being able to leave reviews on the pages they purchase from? You’ll lack credibility if not. We’ll set things up on your site so that you get a review section under the product description.

Add Social Feeds to Your Store

Adding your social media feed brings the engagement directly to your website which will positively impact your branding and revenue. We’ll integrate the feed of your choice to your site and optimize it.

Your Best Shot To Shopify Marketing Services

You need the right team that has proven results to build your dream Shopify store. And we’ve got the best team for each job, under one roof.

End To End Marketing Team

We have a shopify marketing team equipped with not only years of marketing experience, but also great expertise in every sector from PPC to Content marketing.

Got Great Results For Others

The best part about our Shopify marketing services is that we’ve brought results for over a decade! Ran 10s of thousands of ads, across multiple channels.

Better Technical Support

We’ve got the technical expertise beyond marketing. Got a technical issue in the site? No need to wait for a developer to come and fix that. We’ve got you covered.

Make The Best Out Of Your Shopify Store

Your long waited dream of generating 6-figures can finally come true. And it all starts with a free strategy session with us.

Our Happy Clients!

I have been working with Grizify for several years now and I am continuously impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. They consistently deliver high-quality work and have become an integral part of my team. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of marketing services.
man on his office
Jason Martin
Marketing consultant
I had an incredible experience working with Grizify. They were knowledgeable, responsive, and truly understood my business needs. The results were outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch agency.
women on her office
Barbara Smith
JKL Enterprises
Grizify is simply the best. From start to finish, they provided exceptional service and delivered results that exceeded my expectations. Their team is talented, responsive, and truly cares about their clients. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch agency.
a blonde girl
Mark Sommers
Marketing Director

Here’s How We Make Your Brand Shine

Get to know how we on board your Shopify store and do marketing that brings results like never before: ​


You Provide The Details

To better understand where you currently stand as a brand, your products, and offers, we discuss your goals with the store over a discovery call.

We Develop The Strategy

We develop a unique strategy for your Shopify store with all the data you’ve provided. We aim to bring sales and raise brand awareness at the same time.

Marketing In Our Way

We finalize our plan on whether to go organic or paid only. Once we have the custom plan in place, we get to apply all of them in our marketing campaign.

Transparent Reporting

We keep track of every traction from the campaign and bring changes to the campaign deliverables based on the data. The reporting goes on a set interval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do that. Once we have the project in hand, we take care of every necessary thing ourselves. That covers everything from Ad creatives to copies and setup.

If you don’t already have pixel set up on your store, we can definitely help you set that up. Just mention it in our discovery call.

Do you need a team of experts to do winning product research for your store? If you do, we’re ready to help you with that as well!

This depends on which niche you’re working in because not every platform will perform the same for all niches. Plus, the platforms you choose to advertise on, matters the most. We’ll have options before you. You choose where you show up.

Shopify Marketing For More Sales

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