Sell Printify Products on Shopify in 4 Easy Steps

Printify and Shopify, two powerhouses in the e-commerce industry, have revolutionized how we sell products online. Printify offers a wide range of customizable products, and Shopify provides a user-friendly and secure platform to showcase and sell your products to millions of customers worldwide. In this article, we will show you how to sell Printify products on Shopify in four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select What You Want to Sell
  • Step 2: Design Your Products
  • Step 3: Set Up Shipping
  • Step 4: Set your price and Profit Margin

By following these steps, you will be able to create a unique and profitable e-commerce store with Printify and Shopify. Let’s get started!

Select What You Want to Sell:

Before selling Printify products on Shopify, you need to link your accounts. If you haven’t done this yet,  follow our easy guide on “How to Connect Printify to Shopify in just two steps.

You can start creating your products once you have linked Printify to Shopify. Printify offers 850+ products that you can customize and sell. Explore the Printify catalog and select the best products for your store. Check the product details, provider, customer reviews, and shipping information.

Design Your Products

You can design your product once you have selected a product and a print provider. To do this, press the “Start Designing” button. You will be directed to the product design tool, where you can upload your custom designs and modify your product options.

You can upload images in JPEG, PNG, and SVG formats. You can also use the “Add Text” button to add text to your product. You can change the size, position, rotation, and alignment of your designs and text using the tools on the right sidebar. You can also see how your product looks in different colors and sizes by clicking on the “Variants” tab.

Set Up Shipping

Depending on your Shopify plan and preferences, there are different ways to set up shipping if you are selling from Printify to Shopify. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

Printify flat rates: This is the easiest option, as it automatically applies the Printify shipping rates to your products on Shopify. You don’t need to do any additional setup; the shipping rates will be converted to your store’s currency if it differs from USD.

Printify Shipping Calculator: This option allows your customers to choose between standard and priority shipping options during checkout, as long as the chosen Print Provider offers them. It would help if you had an Advanced/Annual Shopify plan or have carrier-calculated rates enabled for your Shopify account to use this option. You must also allow the Shipping Calculator in Printify and adjust your Shopify shipping settings accordingly.

Set custom shipping rates: This option allows you to set shipping rates for some or all of your products, such as free shipping or product bundles. You need to create a custom shipping profile in Shopify and assign it to your products in Printify. You also need to include the shipping costs in your product prices or margins if you offer free shipping.

Last Step: Set your price and Profit Margin

When satisfied with your product design, set your price and profit margin. The Printify cost covers the product’s base cost, printing cost, and shipping cost. Research the market and set product prices accordingly. You don’t want to leave money on the table or overprice your products. You can price your product in 3 ways: retail price, profit, and profit margin. For each option, you can see how much money you are making.

After finishing all this, press the “Publish” button. You will see a confirmation message that your product has been made and synced to your Shopify store. Now, you are ready to sell your products.

Manage Your Order

When you publish a product on Printify, it will automatically sync to your Shopify store. You can manage your orders and track their status on Printify and Shopify.

When a customer places an order, the order will be automatically sent to Printify for fulfillment. You don’t need to do anything on your end, as Printify will handle your product’s printing, packaging, and shipping to your customer. You only need to pay the production cost of the product and the shipping fee to Printify. You can do this by recharging your Printify balance or linking your credit card to your Printify account. You can also set up automatic payments to avoid delays or interruptions in order fulfillment.

You can track the status of your orders on the Printify app on Shopify or the Printify dashboard. You will see the order status change from Pending to In Production to Shipped as the order progresses. You will also receive an email notification from Printify when your order is shipped, along with the tracking number and the carrier name.

You can also view and manage your orders on the Shopify dashboard under the Orders section. You will see the order status, the customer information, the product details, and the fulfillment information. You can edit, cancel, or refund your orders on Shopify if Printify has not shipped them.


You have reached the end of this blog post. Congratulations! You have learned how to master selling Printify products with Shopify.

We hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. Now, it’s time to implement your knowledge and start selling your Printify products with Shopify.

The world of e-commerce is full of opportunities and challenges. But with Printify and Shopify by your side, you have everything you need to turn your online store into a digital empire.

Are you ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? Explore the potential of Printify and Shopify integration today!

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