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Shopify Store Redesign Case Study

Casely Overview

Meet Casely, a brand that offers a wide variety of phone cases and accessories for iPhone users. More than just a phone case company, Casely also has a social mission, donating a portion of every purchase to a different charity each month. As their business grew, they needed a user-friendly, scalable, and secure platform that could handle their growing inventory and increasing traffic.


Redesigning the website was no small feat. Casely wanted to create an attractive, functional site that would showcase their many categories and products. They aimed to make it easy for customers to find what they were looking for while also highlighting their social impact and customer loyalty. Challenges included selecting the right theme and layout, customizing it to fit their brand and preferences, adding features to enhance the user experience, mobile responsiveness, and SEO.

Our Approach

Our team collaborated closely with Casely to bring their vision for a new Shopify store to life. Starting with the Debutify theme, we customized it to reflect their brand identity and preferences. We added features such as a visually appealing lookbook, mobile-friendly home page scrollers, optimized navigation, a feature/benefits bar highlighting perks like free shipping and easy returns.

The product page is beautifully designed and full of useful information that makes shopping easy.

We Designed a Customized Section for Reviews and Q&A

We made a user-friendly mega menu that helped customers navigate the store and find what they wanted easily.

A Shopify Store You Dreamed About

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